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CBG Communications has assisted large state governments like Washington, Missouri and Delaware with both targeted and state-wide broadband assessment, planning and technical verification projects. Example project reports include:

Broadband Study Final Report Prepared for the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission

Broadband Study Report Prepared for Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission- Attachments

The Broadband Availability and Adoption Strategic Plan for the Bootheel Region

The Broadband Availability and Adoption Strategic Plan for the Bootheel Region- Attachments

CBG has also assisted multiple local governments with broadband assessment studies. A recent example is:

Report on the Municipal Communications Facilities and Broadband Services Needs Project for the City of Norfolk, Virginia

Broadband planning is an essential task for many local governments who must adapt to continual changes in broadband technology. A presentation before the City of Norfolk, Virginia, Strategic Broadband Planning Group “Connect Norfolk” on business broadband needs is illustrative of the issues that local governments continue to face as they work to increase broadband capacity, availability, access and adoption in their communities.

Presentation on the Norfolk Business Broadband Survey to the Connect Norfolk Working Group

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Cable TV

CBG has longstanding and wide-ranging expertise in all facets of cable television consulting. We have assisted jurisdictions large and small in community needs ascertainments. A recent study for Philadelphia related to the Comcast™ Franchise renewal is exemplary of the numerous facets of our needs ascertainments:

Philadelphia Needs Ascertainment

Such studies cover residential community needs assessment surveys; business and other organizational communities of interest surveys, focus groups and interviews; system technical reviews and audits; PEG Access operations, facilities and equipment reviews and projections for the future; and past performance reviews. Following is an example of another wide-ranging study performed as part of an overall “Your Voice” community engagement initiative for the MHCRC:

MHCRC Your Voice

Cable television infrastructure continues to age. At the same time, system technology continues to evolve. A presentation by CBG to the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Administrators (NATOA) walked through infrastructure and technology considerations and their impacts on franchise renewal:

National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Administrators (NATOA) Presentation on Technical Renewal Issues

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PEG Access Media

Although many PEG Access projects are done as part of franchise renewals and overall community needs ascertainments, some projects are performed specific to the needs of PEG Access groups to look at near and longer term planning horizons, strategic planning, technology feasibility, migration and transition, facility moves, implementation of new services, consolidation and other technical and operational considerations. Examples of specific plans for PEG Access Media organizations that CBG has prepared include:

Report on Service and Technology Feasibility and Related Strategic Directions for Portland Community Media

Report on Transitioning Local Origination (LO) and Public, Educational and Government (PEG) Access Channels to High Definition, On Demand, and Other Media Platforms for the Northwest Suburbs Cable Communications Commission

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Right-of-Way Management

CBG has assisted in the development of new and updated Right-of-Way (ROW) management policies, procedures and regulations as well as infrastructure inventories and new ROW management fee structures. An example includes:

Right of Way Management Cost Review and Fee Structure Development Report for the City of Lancaster

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Strategic Planning

CBG assists local government joint power agencies, intergovernmental groups, commissions, consortia, individual local governments, states and other public sector entities in the development of strategic plans concerning services, infrastructure, operations, technology and reactions to changes in the legal and regulatory climate. An example includes:

Marin Emergency Radio Authority (MERA) Strategic Plan

Frequently asked questions

1. I see that CBG has offices in the Philadelphia, New York City, and Twin Cities Minnesota, Metropolitan areas. Does CBG work all over the United States in jurisdictions large and small?

Yes. While it has offices in large metropolitan areas, CBG for decades has proven success working on behalf of small towns with populations in the hundreds to large cities with populations in the millions. CBG has worked on projects spanning the country from Marin County, California to Virginia Beach, Virginia, from the State of Washington to the State of Delaware and everywhere in between. No matter what the cable television, broadband or telecommunications-oriented project or the size of the jurisdiction, CBG has the resources to meet your needs.

2. What is a “Community Needs Assessment” and what is its value to me?

A Community Needs Assessment, as it relates to cable television, broadband or telecommunications, can focus on one sector of the community or the community as a whole and is designed to reflect a diversity of opinions, attitudes, needs and interests of that community as it relates to a specific subject area. For example, a broadband needs assessment can focus on one area of a community (for instance, underserved or unserved geographic areas or populations) or it can focus on the entire community (for instance, an entire city’s population with diverse socio-economic, demographic, and geographic characteristics), therefore representing the entirety of that jurisdiction’s attitudes, needs, interests and opinions regarding broadband.

Its value to you is that a Community Needs Assessment for either a specific community or for the entire area, results in a comprehensive, statistically valid set of data that provides the support needed for a jurisdiction to move forward in meeting the needs of that specific population or the entire community. This is invaluable in negotiations with service providers, strategic planning for a viable and vibrant future, applying for grants to support new initiatives and being able to move in the most efficient and effective direction to enhance a jurisdiction’s quality of life.

3. CBG demonstrates experience and expertise in a variety of areas, but what if I need specific expertise like legal, accounting, or civil engineering that I don’t see in the personnel biographies on your website?

CBG brings together the resources that you need, whatever the cable television, broadband or telecommunications project entails. CBG has team partners that are highly skilled attorneys, accountants, civil engineers and others that it has brought into various projects and will continue to do so based on your project’s needs. In such cases, CBG is the lead contractor and will ensure that all necessary entities are working together with the common goal of not only meeting, but exceeding, your project’s requirements, objectives and goals.

4. Does CBG install or repair, either inside or outside the home, cable television and/or telephone lines?

No. CBG Communications, Inc. is not a cable television or telephone service, installation or repair company, so we do not install, fix or repair cable or phone lines. However, CBG does work for local governments to inspect cable and telephone lines for compliance with pertinent standards and codes.

5. Does CBG handle complaints directly from consumers regarding residential or business cable, internet and/or telephone service?

No. CBG Communications is not a regulatory agency, so it does not directly handle consumer complaints. However, CBG does work for government agencies to help pursue and resolve such complaints with the service providers involved, on behalf of the consumers making the complaint to the government agency.

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