Key CBG Team Partners


During their careers, CBG’s Principals and Team Partners have been involved with numerous cable television, broadband and telecommunications matters throughout the United States. They are professionals with decades of experience who have a clear understanding of the interplay between community needs, PEG Access, communications networks, the internet, law, policy, regulation and technology. As such, they are able to perform multiple tasks in a way that continually advances the goals of our clients.

Constance Book Portrait

Constance Ledoux Book


Dr. Connie Book is President of Telecommunications Research Corporation, a woman-owned business that has partnered with CBG’s team since 1996. She is a researcher and academician in the fields of broadband, telecommunications, cable television, video communications and the Internet. Through her work over several decades, Dr. Book continues to explore the pivotal role that broadband, the Internet, video communications, television and cable television play in American society and public policy.

Dr. Book’s research has received dozens of awards and recognition from the United Nations Internet Governance Forum, the National Cable Telecommunications Association, the National Association of Broadcasters, the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication and the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors. She is often invited to lecture and moderate discussions on telecommunications issues.

Dr. Book has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Louisiana State University, Northwestern State University and the University of Georgia. Dr. Book has worked on multiple projects with CBG since the firm’s inception and brings her broad-based expertise and research background to all of our needs assessment projects.

Carson Hamlin

Media Integration Specialist

Carson Hamlin is a Media Integration Specialist/Audio-Video Engineer working with CBG on many Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) Access television and multimedia projects. Mr. Hamlin is based in Fort Collins, Colorado where he also serves as the Video/Media Manager for the City of Fort Collins and Larimer County, Colorado. Mr. Hamlin has also worked extensively as a television facility manager, technical director, editor, audio engineer and design engineer, including working as a videographer for HP’s Interactive Division. He is a graduate of Colorado State University.

Mr. Hamlin brings extensive video facility and system design, evaluation and cost projections for equipment used in all types of video and multimedia production facilities, system integration and troubleshooting expertise to CBG, and he is integral to our projects regarding the technical aspects of PEG Access systems, facilities and equipment.

Carson Hamlin Portrait


CBG also teams with a variety of law firms, accountants, civil and other engineering firms and other specialists as needed to bring together any diverse team needed by our clients.