Our Services

Broadband / Telecommunications

CBG has demonstrated long-standing, successful, wide-ranging experience across the broadband and telecommunications landscape — from network infrastructure and architecture conceptualization, design, project management, certification and implementation, application review and analysis and existing infrastructure and performance audits to multiple-method needs assessments concerning a diversity of populations from residents to businesses to non-profits, community organizations and institutions. Specifically, the services we provide and the expertise we bring to the table can help expand the broadband climate for multiple constituencies within your jurisdiction, agency or organization.

Examples of specific services and project components include:

Broadband needs assessment

  • Surveys of subscribers and non-subscribers of broadband/ telecommunications services
  • Development of telephone, written and online surveys
  • Statistical, multi-variant evaluation of the data gathered
  • Review and evaluation of residential, business and organizational needs
  • Facilitation of focus groups, public forums and workshops
  • Facilitation of goal-setting sessions
  • Broadband-related strategic planning
  • Reporting and prioritization of needs

Broadband infrastructure and services evaluation, planning, development and certification

  • Assistance with a wide range of network planning and development activities
  • Broadband network feasibility studies
  • Video, voice and data communications application review and implementation
  • Conceptualization and design of public sector telecommunications infrastructure (including review and analysis of physical transport, logical network architectures, specific aerial and underground routing, construction methods and locations and other components)
  • Analysis of collocation and co-build requirements and strategies
  • Inventories of broadband, telecommunications and other utility infrastructure
  • Infrastructure compliance audits
  • Wireless communications site planning and evaluation
  • Lease charge development for access to public infrastructure by wireless and wireline facilities
  • Audits of attachments to public infrastructure
  • Review and analysis of provider siting applications
  • Review of the use of various media, including non-commercial AM/FM and television, for government emergency information dissemination applications

Broadband / telecommunications planning and policy development

  • Review, evaluation and development of mechanisms to enhance universal access to basic and advanced broadband/telecommunications services
  • Assistance in the expansion of broadband/telecommunications service opportunities within jurisdictions and surrounding regions
  • Review of local government provision of broadband services Facilitation of greater electronic access by the public to government and educational information and services
  • Expansion and enhancement of G-commerce and E-commerce Assistance in development of myriad internet-based initiatives Review of privacy and security needs related to electronic provision of information

Telecommunications regulatory projects

  • Development of license, revocable permit and other forms of operating agreements
  • Review and analysis of state and federal legislation, legislative initiatives, regulations and regulatory initiatives
  • Assistance with legislator and regulator education and advocacy efforts on behalf of public sector interests