Who We Are

CBG Communications, Inc. (“CBG”) provides consulting expertise to local governments and other public-sector entities in numerous facets of broadband, cable television and telecommunications.

Founded in 2001 by principals who began their careers in the early 1980s, CBG is backed by decades of broadband, cable and telecommunications experience. This provides our clients with knowledgeable, seasoned and expert consulting services.

CBG brings creative, innovative and forward-thinking solutions to our work on behalf of local governments and other public-sector organizations all across the United States. We have successfully assisted myriad clients ranging from some of the nation’s largest cities and counties to small towns, villages, boroughs and townships.


is to promote the public interest and benefits for our public-sector clients, their constituents, residents, businesses, institutions, non-profits and other organizations in all our endeavors.

CBG maintains offices in the New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas as well as in St. Paul, Minnesota. Beyond this, CBG teams up with specialized public-sector oriented organizations across the country to provide the highest and most comprehensive level of services possible for our clients.