Our Services

CBG provides the necessary experience and expertise to help public sector entities best meet the communications challenges ahead, including for example:

  • Helping to improve the capacity and reliability of municipal Wide Area Networks;
  • Helping increase digital inclusion;
  • Negotiating a range of public benefits in new and renewed franchises and licenses;
  • Expanding Public, Education and Government multimedia capabilities;
  • Assisting in better managing the public Rights-of-Way, and;
  • Developing innovative and effective Strategic Plans.
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Broadband / Telecommunications

CBG has demonstrated long-standing, successful, wide-ranging experience across the broadband and telecommunications landscape — from network architecture conceptualization and implementation to multiple-method needs assessments concerning a diversity of populations. Specifically, the services we provide and the expertise we bring to the table can help expand the broadband climate for multiple constituencies within your jurisdiction, agency or organization.

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Cable Television

CBG’s experience with cable television spans back to the late 1970s across a broad range of subject areas which enables us to provide expert assistance with multiple cable television-related projects.

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PEG Access Media

CBG brings a team of experts to assist with every aspect of review, analysis and evaluation of existing PEG facilities, equipment and operations, as well as visioning, forecasting and designing advanced PEG and other media systems and technologies to meet future needs.

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Right-of-Way Management

CBG has substantial experience in assisting the public sector with evaluating existing right-of-way (ROW) management policies, procedures, regulations, ordinances and other mechanisms that support proactive oversight of the public ROW, having worked on a variety of different right-of-way projects for jurisdictions both large and small.

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Strategic Planning

CBG’s skilled facilitators work with every form of group, assessing the dynamics, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges, wants and needs, to help develop the strategies and outcomes that lead to a high degree of success in meeting the group mission and in pursuing a bright vision for the future.