Our Services

PEG Access Media

CBG brings a team of experts to assist with every aspect of review, analysis and evaluation of existing PEG (Public, Educational and Governmental) facilities, equipment and operations, as well as visioning, forecasting and designing advanced PEG and other media systems and technologies to meet future needs.

Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) Television/Video/Multimedia Assessment

  • Online and written surveys/questionnaires of program providers, content producers and channel staff and administrators
  • Focus groups with PEG channel constituencies and channel administrators and staff
  • Statistical, multi-variant and trend analysis of quantitative and qualitative data gathered
  • Reporting on analysis of the findings and recommendations

PEG Facilities and Equipment Review

  • Analysis of historical information (annual reports, facility and equipment usage statistics, program logs and other information)
  • Onsite review and analysis of age, condition and usage of production facilities and equipment
  • Recommendations on upgrade and replacement of equipment and renovation or establishment of facilities, including phasing and cost projections

Operational Review

  • Review of organizational structures, staffing levels, budgets, policies and procedures and other operational characteristics
  • Comparative analysis of the PEG operation versus similarly-situated organizations
  • Recommendations for maintaining, enhancing and improving the organization and operations going forward

Funding Requirements

  • Analysis of current budget versus demonstrated needs
  • Development of cost projections to meet needs assessed
  • Exploration of various available funding sources and recommendations for continuation, expansion and enhancement

Strategic Planning

  • Evaluation of the status of the organization versus existing strategic plans, and development of benchmarks for assessing success in meeting strategic directions, objectives and goals during the implementation of the plan
  • Facilitation of strategic planning sessions, workshops and retreats covering all necessary aspects of the PEG operation
  • Exploration of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges regarding the organization
  • Analysis of the information obtained during strategic planning exercises
  • Assistance in the development of written strategic plans and supporting documentation