CBG Personnel


During their careers, CBG’s Principals and Team Partners have been involved with numerous cable television, broadband and telecommunications matters throughout the United States. They are professionals with decades of experience who have a clear understanding of the interplay between community needs, PEG Access, communications networks, the internet, law, policy, regulation and technology. As such, they are able to perform multiple tasks in a way that continually advances the goals of our clients.

Tom Robinson Portrait

Thomas G. Robinson

President & CEO

Thomas G. (Tom) Robinson is President of CBG Communications, Inc. He has worked with local governments and other public-sector entities across the United States on broadband, cable television, telecommunications and right-of-way (ROW) management projects. He is a frequent speaker at telecommunications, local government and technical conferences. Prior to joining CBG,

Mr. Robinson was Director of Technology Development for River Oaks Communications Corporation, and he also served for 10 years as Chief of the Cable Regulatory Division for Fairfax County, Virginia. He also worked as a System Designer and then in product management for Magnavox CATV Systems, Inc. (acquired by Arris), and began his career in radio and television in Baltimore, Maryland and Syracuse, New York. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and Towson University and now splits his time between the New York Metropolitan and Philadelphia Metropolitan area offices. Mr. Robinson brings to CBG extensive experience in telecommunications, cable television, broadband, technology review, analysis, survey and other project tasks; negotiating with industry providers; meeting and working with local elected and appointed officials and staff personnel; facilitating the activities of Advisory Committees (including both public and private sector representatives); and making presentations to City and County Councils, Commissions and Boards.

Richard Nielsen

Senior Engineer

Richard (Dick) Nielsen is CBG’s Senior Engineer and is based in the St. Paul, Minnesota office. He works as lead technical staff for CBG. Prior to joining CBG, Mr. Nielsen spent 19 years with AT&T Broadband and predecessor companies, including working as Institutional Network (I-Net) Manager where he maintained over 1,000 miles of network infrastructure carrying high capacity video, voice and data communications. He also was a Technical Supervisor, supervising the work of 35 maintenance and service technicians and began in the industry as both a headend and field technician. Mr. Nielsen is a member of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) and received formal education at Dakota County Technical College in Minnesota.

Mr. Nielsen brings to CBG vast experience in cable, broadband and telecommunication system design, application development and review, as well as inspections and performance audits. He has performed system infrastructure inspections in cities, towns and counties across the United States and has helped develop remediation plans for providers to bring systems in line with pertinent requirements, standards and codes.

Richard Nielsen Portrait
Krystene Rivers Portrait

Krystene Rivers

Senior Research Associate

Krystene Rivers is lead Research Associate for CBG, based in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area office. Prior to joining the firm, Mrs. Rivers worked in various financial management, operations, research, and analytical positions performing a variety of diverse financial, technical and operational tasks. This includes work in both large and small business environments which provides her with diverse expertise in research and accounting, project planning, statistical analysis and operational management.

Mrs. Rivers is responsible for multiple aspects of CBG’s research projects which include gathering key information associated with needs ascertainments, broadband studies, surveys, public meetings, focus groups and other research methodologies, as well as the development of research instruments, and compilation, analysis and reporting of the data.

Mrs. Rivers is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and has done post-graduate work at Widener University.