Our Services

Right-of-Way Management

CBG has substantial experience in assisting the public sector with evaluating existing right-of-way (ROW) management policies, procedures, regulations, ordinances and other mechanisms that support proactive oversight of the public ROW, having worked on a variety of different right-of-way projects for jurisdictions both large and small. Some of our services include:

Right-of-Way Regulatory Assistance

  • Evaluation and assistance in the development of permitting processes, ROW use regulations, related policies and procedures, construction and inspection requirements, insurance, indemnification and bonding provisions and other regulatory requirements
  • Development of registration and licensing procedures
  • Review of construction techniques and installations (trenching, directional boring, saw-cuts, other underground construction issues, aerial [overhead] attachments, clearances, guying, bonding, grounding and other aerial implementations)
  • Development of local government-owned and common conduit policies and related leasing plans

ROW Use Compensation Structures

  • Assessment, evaluation and assistance in the determination of ROW use fees to ensure reimbursement of related costs
  • Assessment of the value of in-kind services, where such are allowed
  • Development of templates for updating ROW use fee structures on a regular basis

Master Rights-of-Way Management Ordinance Development

Development of overarching ordinance provisions encompassing:

  • Licensing and registration
  • Permitting processes
  • Construction and inspection requirements
  • ROW usage fee structures
  • Service definitions
  • Standards and incorporation of local, state and national code requirements
  • Insurance, indemnification and bonding
  • Notice and opportunity to correct
  • Due process
  • Penalty and termination provisions related to non-performance and non-compliance