Our Services

Cable Television

CBG’s experience with cable television spans back to the late 1970s across a broad range of subject areas which enables us to provide expert assistance with multiple cable television-related projects including, for example:

Cable-related Community Needs Assessment

  • Telephone-based, written and online surveys of subscribers and nonsubscribers
  • Focus groups, workshops and public forums, meetings and hearings
  • Statistical, multi-variant evaluation of the data gathered
  • Reporting and prioritization of needs
  • Recommendations for developing franchise provisions that meet the needs assessed

System Technical Review and Audit

  • Evaluation of the current system concerning infrastructure code compliance and digital system performance
  • Review of system technological components, including Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC), Fiber to the Neighborhood (FTTN) and Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) architectures
  • Evaluation of services, including digital video services and compression rates, cable modem services, video on demand, HD and HD4K TV
  • Analysis of system upgrade scenarios and plans

Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) Access Analysis

  • Overall ascertainment of PEG Channel needs
  • Facilities and equipment age, condition, replacement and upgrade analysis
  • Existing channel capacity use and future need analysis
  • Service delivery evaluation, including delivery in SD, HD and successor formats, video streaming and video on demand
  • Analysis of training and facilitation services
  • Access provider organizational analysis
  • Recommendations on future content development to meet community needs

Institutional Network (I-Net) Development, Evaluation and Valuation

  • Ascertainment of I-Net needs
  • Evaluation of existing I-Nets, including architecture, capacity and ability to meet application requirements
  • Evaluation of existing, and recommendations on future, organizational video, voice and data communications applications
  • Evaluation of existing I-Nets and projections for the future
  • Audit of existing I-Net infrastructure and transport system performance

Franchise-related Cable Regulatory Processes

  • Past performance and franchise compliance reviews
  • Assistance with franchise administration and management
  • Assistance with franchise negotiations and development in both the formal and informal renewal processes
  • Competitive cable system franchising
  • Evaluation of cable operator proposals and qualifications
  • Assistance in franchise agreement and ordinance drafting
  • Development of Request for Renewal Proposals (RFRPs) in the formal renewal process